My name is Greg Hickey. I am a former professional baseball player/coach, personal trainer and philosophy student and current endurance athlete and author.

I wrote the final paper for my first college philosophy course on examples of physical activity and physical virtues in major philosophical works. Three years later, I wrote a philosophy thesis on moral values while playing my final season of college baseball.

After college, I spent a year working as a player and coach for baseball teams in Sweden and South Africa and writing my first novel. I returned to the United States and became a personal trainer while I earned a Master’s degree.

About Greg Hickey and KineSophy

I also took up endurance sports, and have raced several marathons and triathlons, including the Boston Marathon, an Ironman triathlon and the Man vs. Horse race (which is exactly what it sounds like).

KineSophy is my exploration of the connections between health, fitness, sports, philosophy and society, with a particular emphasis on incorporating physical virtues into a plan of ethics.

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