2017 Year in Review

2017 Year in Review

As 2017 departs, KineSophy is about to move into its sixth year of existence. And as we enter 2018, it’s time for my annual reflection on the state of the KineSophy project. With the groundwork of KineSophy laid in years past, 2017 continued my push to explore other perspectives in … Read more

The Making of Mindfulness

Inception: when mindfulness goes wrong

Tyler S. Harris is a doctoral student at Michigan State University. He is studying sport psychology with an interest in exercise and physical activity motivation. He is a certified athletic trainer and has provided sports medicine coverage to teams at MSU as well as the Olympic Training Site at Northern … Read more

Pole Pole Mindfulness

Pole pole mindfulness

Despite the growing public buzz over mindfulness, I never paid much attention to this attribute. Then the simple Swahili advice, “Pole pole,” changed my mind. Mindfulness is a big buzzword these days in the self-help and wellness communities. It is presented as a virtue with various mantras and paths to … Read more

The KineSophy Mindfulness Series

The KineSophy Mindfulness Series

The KineSophy Mindfulness Series grew out of requests from readers and a realization that I could not satisfy their curiosity with my perspective alone. In response to popular demand for an article on mindfulness and a recent burst of inspiration, I wrote about my personal experience with mindfulness on the … Read more

Mark Benden on Improving Productivity & Losing Weight at Work or School

Mark Benden at his standing workstation

Dr. Mark Benden holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering with a specialization in Ergonomics and a minor in Safety Engineering and a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Engineering. He is currently the head of the Environmental and Occupational Health department at Texas A&M University and director of Texas A&M’s Ergonomics … Read more

The Quotable KineSophy

Albert Camus, part of the quotable KineSophy

Earlier this month, I wrote about the authors who influenced my early thinking about the topics covered in KineSophy. In this post, I present the views of some of those authors in their own words. Here are quotes from six authors on the relationship between physical, mental, spiritual and ethical … Read more

KineSophy: The Back Story

Finishing IRONMAN 70.3 Branson in 2012, part of the back story of KineSophy

It has been almost five years since I started blogging on KineSophy. With the unveiling of the new, expanded version of the site, I think it’s high time I said something about the back story of the KineSophy project. There are a lot of health and fitness blogs out there. … Read more