The Rise of Women’s Fitness Culture with Danielle Friedman

Danielle Friedman and her book Let's Get Physical, a history of the rise of women's fitness culture

Danielle Friedman is an award-winning journalist and author of the critically acclaimed cultural history of women’s fitness Let’s Get Physical: How Women Discovered Exercise and Reshaped the World (Putnam 2022). Her feature writing has appeared in The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Cut, Vogue, Health, and other … Read more

The History of Fitness with Daniel Kunitz

Daniel Kunitz, author of Lift

Daniel Kunitz is the author of Lift: Fitness Culture from Naked Greeks and Acrobats to Jazzercise and Ninja Warriors. He has written for numerous publications and is the editor-in-chief of Sculpture magazine. In this interview, we discuss Lift and the cultural history of fitness. Enter the giveaway below to win a copy of … Read more

Butch Phelps on the Brain-Body Connection

Butch Phelps on the Brain-Body Connection

Butch Phelps is the founder of the Stretch ‘n’ Release Technique and The Muscle Repair Shop. He coaches clients to regain the freedom of movement they once had and age more pain-free. He is a Licensed Massage Therapist and holds a bachelor’s degree in aging sciences. His studies have allowed … Read more

How Upright Walking Made Us Human with Jeremy DeSilva

Jeremy DeSilva, author of First Steps: How Upright Walking Made Us Human

Jeremy DeSilva is a paleoanthropologist at Dartmouth College and the author of First Steps: How Upright Walking Made Us Human. He is a part of the research team that discovered and described two ancient members of the human family tree– Australopithecus sediba and Homo naledi. He has studied wild chimpanzees in Uganda and … Read more

The Meaning of Running with Ian Mortimer

Ian Mortimer, author of Why Running Matters by Ian Mortimer, a book about the meaning of running

Dr. Ian Mortimer is the author of twelve history books, two volumes of historical documents, four novels, three other books, and numerous articles on the history of England between the tenth and twentieth centuries. In total, his books have sold more than a million copies and been translated into fifteen … Read more

Running Culture in Japan and Kenya with Adharanand Finn

Adharanand Finn, author of The Way of the Runner and Running with the Kenyans

Adharanand Finn is an active runner, an editor at the Guardian, a freelance journalist and the author of Running with the Kenyans, The Way of the Runner and The Rise of the Ultra Runners. In this interview, we discuss what he learned from the running culture in Japan and Kenya … Read more

The History of Swimming with Howard Means

Splash! author Howard Means, a book about the history of swimming

Howard Means is the author or co-author of ten books, including a history of swimming titled Splash!: 10,000 Years of Swimming and 67 Shots: Kent State and the End of American Innocence. The latter book is being developed as a limited series by HBO. Prior to turning full-time to book-length works, … Read more

The Benefits of Being Near the Water with Wallace J. Nichols

Blue Mind author Wallace J Nichols, a book about the benefits of being near the water

Dr. Wallace “J” Nichols is a renowned marine biologist, wild water advocate, bestselling author and fun-loving dad. He holds a B.A. degree from DePauw University in Biology and Spanish, an M.E.M. degree in Natural Resource Economics and Policy from Duke University, and a Ph.D. degree in Wildlife Ecology and Evolutionary … Read more

How to Fail Better in Baseball and Life with Mark Kingwell

Fail Better by Mark Kingwell

Mark Kingwell is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto and a contributing editor of Harper’s Magazine. His most recent books are Fail Better: Why Baseball Matters (2018), Wish I Were Here: Boredom and the Interface (2019) and On Risk (2020). Forthcoming is The Ethics of Architecture (2021). In this interview, we discuss what it means to … Read more

Walking and Creativity with Jono Lineen

Jono Lineen, author of Perfect Motion

Jono Lineen was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, at the start of the “Troubles.” He moved to Canada as a young boy and then spent almost twenty years traveling the world working as a forester, mountain guide, ski racer, humanitarian relief worker and writer. He is a curator at the … Read more