A Review of Xero Shoes’s Minimalist Running Shoes and Winter Boots

Xero Shoes HFS minimalist running shoes

My search for the perfect footwear continues with Xero Shoes’s HFS minimalist running shoes and Alpine minimalist winter boots. Why Minimalist Running Shoes and Boots? As I’ve explained in previous KineSophy articles (e.g. this review), I prefer flat, thin-soled shoes with ample toe room. Such minimalist shoes allow my feet … Read more

The Limits of Human Endurance: A Review of Endure by Alex Hutchinson

Endure by Alex Hutchinson, a book about human endurance

How do the world’s top athletes and most daring adventurers push their bodies to the absolute limit over hours or days of relentless movement? And what lessons can the rest of us take from these astonishing feats of endurance? Those are the questions that motivate Alex Hutchinson’s Endure: Mind, Body, … Read more

A Review of Bramfords by Birchbury Minimalist Leather Shoes

Bramfords by Birchbury minimalist leather shoes

I just received a pair of Bramfords by Birchbury minimalist leather shoes. Here’s why I expect them to fit into my wardrobe for as long as they hold up. Bramfords by Birchbury (birchbury.com) The Search for Casual, Minimalist Leather Shoes Several years ago, I started shifting all my footwear to … Read more

A Review of Carets’ Minimalist Dress Shoes

One of Carets' minimalist dress shoes

I just bought my second pair of Carets’ minimalist dress shoes. Here’s why these shoes became an essential part of my wardrobe. Saving My Feet For the past several years, I have made a concerted effort to take better care of my feet. In high school, I suffered through my … Read more

Book Review: Knowing the Score by David Papineau

Knowing the Score, David Papineau's book about philosophy and sports

KineSophy exists in a lonely space. There are not many people writing about the intersection between philosophy and physical activity. Most are fitness fanatics and coaches who translate physical workouts into thoughts about motivation and attitude. But few writers move beyond personal development to explore the broader overlap between philosophy … Read more