Naked Cow Beef Jerky Giveaway

Naked Cow Beef Jerky Smoke, Fire and Honey

Win a Naked Cow Beef Jerky Sampler Pack

  • 1 bag Smoke flavor
  • 1 bag Fire flavor
  • 1 bag Honey flavor
  • 1 “Get Naked” mesh bag

Eleven months ago, my wife and I set out to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. If you know me or you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you know I’m pretty conscious about the food I put into my body. I didn’t know what to expect on this expedition. I figured the climbing company would be feeding us rice and beans for eight straight days, and I didn’t think my body would respond well to that kind of carbo-loaded diet.

So I set out to find a protein-rich snack I could bring along with me. I quickly settled on Naked Cow beef jerky.

I love jerky, but I’m always dismayed to find the meat loaded up with sugar, preservatives and other weird additives. Plus, there’s no telling where most of those cows come from.

As I wrote in my Complete Guide to Sustainable Protein, grass-fed cattle live better lives, have a lower environmental impact and are richer in vitamins A and E than conventionally farmed beef. And Naked Cow uses only grass-fed beef.

Plus, Naked Cow’s recipes call for beef and spices. That’s it. Salt, pepper, garlic powder, some chiles in the Fire and honey in the Honey (obviously). No sugar, soy, or nondescript “flavors.”

As I hiked up Kilimanjaro with two bags of Naked Cow’s jerky in my pack, I looked forward to each snack break. And now you can try all three flavors yourself.

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