The Ethics of Fitness in Prison Populations

Physical fitness in prison

As part of my efforts to illustrate a complementary relationship between physical fitness and moral virtues, I previously detailed how practicing yoga benefits prison inmates. Specifically, research has shown that yoga improves positive mood and decreases stress, anxiety, depression and recidivism in prison populations. And yoga is not the only … Read more

More on Ethics, Fat-Shaming and Weight Loss

More on Ethics, Fat Shaming and Weight Loss

Last month, I published an article on fat-shaming and ethics. A few weeks later, I opened the latest issue of Philosophy Now to discover another article on the same subject. In “The Ethics of Fat Shaming,” Charlotte Curran attacks fat-shaming, fatism and a purported societal obsession with weight loss. While … Read more

Annual Medicare Costs and the Ethics of Physical Activity

Annual Medicare Costs and the Ethics of Physical Activity

A recent paper published in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) shows that adults who were at least moderately physically active from adolescence through middle age had significantly lower annual Medicare costs than those who were consistently inactive. I have previously argued that, for many reasons, exercise is an ethical behavior. … Read more

Fat-Shaming and Virtue Ethics

Fat-Shaming and Virtue Ethics

In previous articles, I have argued that physical fitness is a virtue, just like honesty, kindness and intelligence. But focusing too closely on physical virtues can lead to unwarranted assumptions. In this piece, I use the example of fat-shaming to expose some flaws in a virtue ethics approach. In light … Read more

The Meaning of Running with Ian Mortimer

Ian Mortimer, author of Why Running Matters by Ian Mortimer, a book about the meaning of running

Dr. Ian Mortimer is the author of twelve history books, two volumes of historical documents, four novels, three other books, and numerous articles on the history of England between the tenth and twentieth centuries. In total, his books have sold more than a million copies and been translated into fifteen … Read more

Examining COVID-19 Public Health Measures

COVID-19 public health measures advocated by the CDC

Throughout the past fourteen-plus months, we have seen consistent recommendations to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Yet other health practices with strong evidence of reducing COVID-19 severity have received far less publicity. So what are the most effective public health measures for mitigating COVID-19? And what role should governments take … Read more

A Review of Bramfords by Birchbury Minimalist Leather Shoes

Bramfords by Birchbury minimalist leather shoes

I just received a pair of Bramfords by Birchbury minimalist leather shoes. Here’s why I expect them to fit into my wardrobe for as long as they hold up. Bramfords by Birchbury ( The Search for Casual, Minimalist Leather Shoes Several years ago, I started shifting all my footwear to … Read more

Running Culture in Japan and Kenya with Adharanand Finn

Adharanand Finn, author of The Way of the Runner and Running with the Kenyans

Adharanand Finn is an active runner, an editor at the Guardian, a freelance journalist and the author of Running with the Kenyans, The Way of the Runner and The Rise of the Ultra Runners. In this interview, we discuss what he learned from the running culture in Japan and Kenya … Read more

The History of Swimming with Howard Means

Splash! author Howard Means, a book about the history of swimming

Howard Means is the author or co-author of ten books, including a history of swimming titled Splash!: 10,000 Years of Swimming and 67 Shots: Kent State and the End of American Innocence. The latter book is being developed as a limited series by HBO. Prior to turning full-time to book-length works, … Read more