The Shape of Things to Come

The Shape of Things to ComeDear Kinesophites:

The first three months of this blog have served as an introduction to the topics I intend to discuss in this forum. My takes on deadlifting and The Myth of Sisyphus were intended to provide a first glimpse into the interplay between ethics and health and fitness, and I dedicated this months post’s to a critical examination of obesity and society because of the prevalence of several recent intriguing articles on the topic.

In April, May and June I will attempt to lay a philosophical foundation upon which I can build toward a more unified theory of the morality of health and fitness. The articles in these three months will summarize the three major historical approaches to ethical theory: virtue ethics, deontology and consequentialism. In each case, I will highlight the main points of these theories and then apply them to questions of fitness. While these pieces may seem like a step back from the articles of January through March, I believe the ideas they will present are important to any future discussion of the issues of this blog. I hope you find them compelling and that they raise some questions we can try to answer down the road.