We All Have a Body

We All Have a Body“Everyone has a story. Everybody has absorbed, assimilated and metabolized their own life’s journey. Not everyone has been victimized, or had severe accidents, or shattering diagnoses, but we all have a body and nervous system that can be positively manipulated to experience relaxation, relief and positive adaptation.”

Of all the insights Jill Miller shared in our interview earlier this month, that one especially stood out to me. We all have our individual histories and experiences that distinguish and define us, but we all have a body that mediates our interactions with the world. We are all responsible for how we respond to our experiences, how we care for our bodies and how we use them to relate those around us.

One of the foundational beliefs that inspired KineSophy is the idea that how we care for our bodies says something about how we care about other things in our lives. Do we neglect our health for the sake of ease or convenience? Do we overrate the appearance of our bodies to the detriment of functional physical applications and valued relationships with others? And if so, what other values do we neglect or ignore in a way that reflects how we view our bodies?

I believe Jill’s work has garnered so many followers because she taps into a basic need for bodily comfort and functionality. Simply put, when our bodies feel good and work well, we are better equipped to live the lives we desire.